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Rodents: Rats, Mice and Squirrels. Moles

If you or your neighbours feed the birds, keep hens or have a pond, chances are there'll be rats close by! Mice and Squirrels will also take advantage of the feast on the bird table. At various times during the year, you may find rodents taking up residence in your loft, garage, shed or home, we've even removed mice from cars!  They can cause lots of expensive damage if left untreated, we often witness damage to electricity cables in lofts and garages, as well as damage to beams, facias and ceilings.

You may notice, after a wet spell, fresh Mole hills appearing in that lovely lawn or pushing up plants and bulbs in the borders?

Give us a call for any of the above problems, all can be dealt with quickly, cleanly and effectively by us. 

Insects:Moths, Fleas, Ants and Flies

Keep your cashmere for yourselves!

We can treat Clothing Moths as well as Fleas and other flying insects such as Cluster Flies, Wasps and Hornets.  We can also help with Ants both inside and out.

Proofing Work, Decontamination and Loft Clearing

Did you know that a lot of our work consists of decontaminating areas such as loft spaces after we have dealt with infestations of Rats, Mice and Squirrels?  

We also provide a great proofing service helping prevent infestations from taking place and to prevent birds from roosting. 

Rodents leave a terrible mess and an awful smell, they leave urine and faeces everywhere they go, including your stored belongings. We can empty and clean the spaces after the pests have been dealt with, we can also install proofing measures to stop the space becoming infested again.

Speak to us for more details.